FST Lisboa qualifies for the most important international competitions

The Técnico students will compete at FS Czech, FS Austria, FS Germany and FS Spain.

In 2020, the Formula Student competitions were cancelled and in 2021 only a small part of the FST Lisboa team had the opportunity to represent Técnico in international competitions, so the team was eagerly awaiting the start of the 2022 FST season. FST Lisboa managed to qualify for 4 international competitions: FS Czech RepublicFS AustriaFS Germany and FS Spain.

In fact, the FST team managed to qualify for 6 competitions, however, due to overlapping dates, the team decided to attend only 4 competitions. The team will take up another challenge: the debut in the Driverless Cup. “We hope that this year we can restore the true spirit of Formula Student Competitions”, says Pedro Oliveira, the Team Leader.

Although in 2020 the team has qualified for FST Austria, the competition was cancelled due to the pandemic and will take place this year. According to Pedro Oliveira, “competing at FST Austria will be an important milestone for the team”.

Competing once again in the biggest European Formula Student competition, FST Germany, is also a remarkable achievement that makes the entire team proud. FST Lisboa managed to qualify among more than 200 teams. According to Pedro Oliveira “the secret to success is what we call the “Quizzes Day”, which tests our concentration, resilience and organisational skills”, shares the Técnico student.

To face this year’s busy competitive calendar, “the team will focus on a great deal of organisation and forward planning”, stresses Pedro Oliveira. “We want to get to the competitions with the prototype at the peak of its development, but beyond that we need to be prepared as a team. Everyone has a specific role and responsibility, which are very well defined. Only a harmonious work team can be truly productive”, explains the team leader.

Introduced this year for the first time in Formula Student competitions, the Driverless Cup will be one of the great challenges of this season. “Once again FST Lisboa tries to be at the forefront of Formula Student, at an international level. We decided to embrace this challenge in its first year, alongside other teams such as TU Munich, TU Delft, NTNU Trondheim or KTH”, highlights the Técnico student. The team will compete in this category with the FST 11. “The team has taken important steps in the development of both aspects of the prototype. We used a new and more efficient battery and we have made some innovations in terms of perception and controllers used in autonomous driving”, shares Pedro Oliveira.

The competitive calendar of FST Lisboa starts with the FS Czech Republic (18-23 July) and ends with the FS Spain, from 29th August to 4th September.