DEM Administration

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DEM Administration

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is composed of the bodies identified below, relative to the executive, scientific and pedagogical management of the Department:

Department Council C-DEM

C-DEM is the representative body of all parties involved in the activities of the DEM, composed of:

  1. All PhD faculty at the service of DEM;
  2. All PhD Researchers of DEM and of Research units associated with DEM, linked to IST and assigned to DEM.

President of DEM

Scientific-Pedagogical Council CCP-DEM

The CCP-DEM is the scientific and pedagogical guidance body of DEM, respecting the C-DEM guidelines and the powers of the President of DEM and the bodies of IST. The CCP-DEM is composed of the following members of the C-DEM:

  1. The President of the Department, who presides;
  2. The Vice-Presidents of DEM;
  3. The Full Professors of DEM, on a regime of exclusive dedication and effectiveness of functions, who do not belong to the set of the elements referred to in the following paragraphs;
  4. The Coordinators of the Scientific Areas of DEM;
  5. The Presidents of the Research Units associated with DEM and the Coordinators of the IDMEC Centres;
  6. The Coordinators of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles in whose management DEM participates;
  7. The International Relations Coordinator;
  8. Two members elected by the C -DEM.

Executive Committee CE-DEM

Prof. Pedro Coelho
President of DEM
Prof. Paulo Fernandes
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Prof. João Costa Sousa 
Vice-President for Scientific Affairs
Prof. Carlos Bettencourt da Silva
Coordinator of International Relations
Prof. João Folgado 
Member (Finance, Facilities, Personnel, SIADAP)
Profª. Alexandra Moutinho
Member (Public Relations)
Prof. Paulo Peças
Member (Industry Relations)

Advisory Council

Prof. Pedro CoelhoPresident of DEM
Prof. João Costa SousaVice-President of DEM (Scientific Affairs)
Prof. Paulo FernandesVice-President of DEM (Academic Affairs)
Eng. Aires Barbosa Pereira FerreiraPresident of the National College of Mechanical Engineering of the Portuguese Order of the Engineers
Engª. Ana DiasDirector of Quality, Safety and Environment at the ProCME Group
Engª. Ana JerónimoProject Manager at Sonae Arauco Group
Eng. António CompridoGeneral Secretary of APETRO - Portuguese Association of Petroleum Companies
Eng. Carlos Manuel MataExecutive Director of EDP Gas
Eng. Carlos Martins AndradeHead of Engineering at Galp
Eng. Filipe GasparVice President for R&D at Hovione
Engª. Helena SilvaCTO at Centre of Engineering and Product Development (CEiiA)
Engª. Isabel VazCEO at Luz Saúde
Eng. José Graça MedeirosMCG - Manuel da Conceição Graça, Lda
Eng. José Rui MarcelinoCEO and Design Manager at Almadesign
Engª. Rute FerrazDirector of ISQ Training, Executive Director of the European Welding Federation (EWF)
Eng. Vasco BurgueteJoão de Deus & Filhos, S.A. - Automotive Thermal System Products