Técnico Solar Boat presents new prototype

São Pedro 01 is Técnico Solar Boat's first prototype to include artificial intelligence. The boat will compete in Norway next summer.

Working on the new prototype since early 2022, the Técnico Solar Boat (TSB) team presented a new prototype – São Pedro 01 – at the end of March 2023.

According to the TSB team, the autonomous navigation system is what distinguishes this prototype from the others of the “fleet”. São Pedro 01 is equipped with a camera that detects obstacles. These are then identified by artificial intelligence and the control system plans the route in order to avoid them.

The prototype, which can be controlled remotely as a secondary navigation option, was designed to compete in the NJORD Autonomous Ship Challenge in Norway, next summer. In order to comply with the rules imposed by the organisation, the São Pedro 01 is the smallest boat the team has ever built.

The solar panels, as in the São Rafael 03 prototype, were built by TSB, as well as the carbon fibre hull. However, the implementation of artificial intelligence, “a first in this project”, is a great step forward as explained by Francisco Pedro, technical director of management and marketing at TSB.