MOOC Técnico: Dynamic Energy Budgets (New edition)

Application deadline: 1st May 2023.

The MOOC Dynamic Energy Budgets provides a framework for modelling metabolism at the organism level, covering the full life-cycle, using the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) Theory which is applicable to all species. It quantifies, step by step, all the important metabolic processes such as ingestion, assimilation, growth, maintenance, development and reproduction.

The DEB models are powerful tools to predict the impact of climate change, the impacts of a toxic spill, the environmental conditions that optimize aquaculture or agriculture products, among others.

The course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers that want to learn about the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the metabolic organisation of living systems.

Access to materials:
– The course is free and takes place entirely online;
– The contents are always open and participants take the course at their own pace;
– The course materials will remain available to all registered users after the end of this edition, so that they can return to the content at a later date;
–The subtitles of the videos included in the MOOC are provided in English, French and Portuguese.

Course end date: 4th May 2023
Application deadline: 1st May 2023.