Seminar: Design and Optimisation of Pultrusion Processes

Design and Optimisation of Pultrusion Processes", 7th February, 2023, Tuesday 11h00DEM meeting room, Building Mechanics III

Data: February 7, 2022, Tuesday

Hour: 11h00

Venue: DEM meeting room, Building Mechanics III

• Speaker: Dr. Pavels Akisins

• Title: Design and Optimisation of Pultrusion Processes"

Pultrusion is a continuous and cost-effective process for a production of fibre-
reinforced polymer (FRF) composite structural components with a constant
cross-sectional profile. The pultrusion process is one of the most cost-effective
and energy-efficient composite manufacturing process due to its high
automation and production rate. But the continuous increase in the cost of
electricity could considerably reduce growth of pultrusion market.
A considerable cost reduction of the pultrusion products can be reached by an
improvement of the effectiveness of pultrusion processes. This could be done
by: (1) optimisation of conventional pultrusion processes and (2) an application
of new effective heating sources instead of electrical heaters.
To obtain low cost and high quality pultruded profiles, an optimisation
methodology based on the planning of experiments and response surface
technique was developed.

Short biographic note Pavels Akisins is a researcher at the Department of Composite
Materials and Structures of the Riga Technical University since 2013. He
received PhD in mechanical engineering at the Riga Technical University in
2018. His main research interests are design and optimization of composite
structures and their manufacturing processes. He has authored 28 scientific
publications abstracted in the Scopus database (h index =9). He has
participated in the implementation of national and international projects under
EU FP and H2020 programmes. Pavels Akisins is an expert at the Latvian
Council of Science.
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