Book launch “Introdução à Tecnologia da Fundição” – IST Press

The launch session of the book “Introdução à Tecnologia da Fundição”, by Carlos Alves da Silva and Paulo Martins, published by IST Press, will take place on February 16, at 6 p.m., in the Civil Engineering Museum.

The book will be presented by the President of Instituto Superior Técnico, Professor Rogério Colaço.

This book is intended for undergraduate and master students of engineering courses who are, for the first time, exposed to casting technology. The book is divided into 7 chapters covering the theoretical fundamentals of thermal processing and casting of metallic materials, and the operating principles, operating parameters, tools and equipment used in the main casting processes with permanent and non-permanent moulds, and continuous casting.

The book also includes solved exercises and application examples aimed at consolidating theoretical knowledge. The final part of the book introduces the basic principles of design, inspection and quality, and budgeting of casting parts.

This is a book with unprecedented didactic characteristics whose objective is to carry out a multidisciplinary approach to foundry technology in which materials science and engineering are complemented with the basic principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics.

Attendance is free but limited according to room size.

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